Nine year cycle astrology


It is denial that has caused many of the dire problems that humanity faces today. This applies as much to your personal life as it does to life in general. Being afraid to feel your feelings is a natural response.

But fear, like all other feelings, must be allowed to follow its own evolutionary process. It must be allowed to move. When you cling to fear you refuse to accept its ability to help you. By stopping its movement, you in turn become paralyzed by it. Feel your fear, accept its presence. Allow it to move through you and out of you. This process develops courage, and the ability to recognize those things which really do need to be feared, and those which need not be feared at all.

Your feelings are your senses and instincts and are vital to your survival. Be honest with yourself. Mere positive thinking can do more harm than good if you are not simultaneously feeling that way. Your thoughts and feelings are two very different energies and must be experienced separately so that you can tell them apart.

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And when your masculine thoughts and feminine feelings make peace and join forces, your personal power to survive and prosper increases significantly, and your entire being evolves. It is natural for the 9 Year cycle to be an emotional one. Not only will you be dealing with emotions from the past, but also with new emotional situations in the present which help trigger the old feelings which need to be released. You cannot live fully in the present if part of you is stuck in the past. Therefore, you will want to go back and retrieve those parts of yourself that are stuck there.

Generosity and compassion play important roles now. You will also become aware of the difference between compassion and guilt. Maybe it is.

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But the only way to be sure is by letting your feelings guide you. It is in the 9 Year that we realize the extent to which guilt keeps us from achieving happiness and how much we have denied guilt by reversing it into blame. In the 9 Year, unhappy memories arise so they can be healed, creating more inner space for happiness to resurface. Inaccurate beliefs are replaced by new truths and potentials. It could also be stepping up as a leading power figure in a company. This is about power. Remember with power also comes responsibility and integrity.

This is the final year of the nine-year cycle. Completion and closure are key words this year. This is the time to come to terms with all that you have accomplished during the current cycle. How did everything work out as you think back to year 1 when you laid down the foundation?

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Are you closer to your goals? Are you living your passion?

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Now is the time to wrap things up. You also need to forgive and forget whatever you have lost or not accomplished. You will soon be starting a new cycle. Be prepared. The final year is also about money and assets. People who have gone through the cycle in a caring and passionate manner may often find their wealth has increased. I added my numbers and came up with 10???

What did I do wrong? Birthday is July 20th…. Thank you! You need to continue adding the digits until you are left with one. Voila, your number is 1! Have a great day! Yes, that does not seem right. I think maybe you misunderstood how to calculate where you are in the nine year cycle.

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If your birthday is April 4th you would add 4 for April and 4 for the date. You get number 8 as your final number as it is one digit.

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That was you first step. This year is the year that you will become aware of the responsibilities and work required to maintain the momentum needed to build your dreams. A 4 year is an ideal year to take a close look at your finances and physical needs and do what you have to ensure that you meet those needs. The five is the most sensual and creative of all numbers. It is also the most self-indulgent. A 5 year offers rewards that grow from your efforts of the past four years — or deviate wildly from them. Opportunities for travel, enrichment and excitement will often come your way in a five personal year.

If you built a strong foundation in the past year, this year brings rich rewards. If, however, a solid foundation was not built you may find yourself unintentionally swept away in the chaos of sudden and unexpected change and you may have little to no control over it. Thus, the hard work of the four-year is imperative to ensure that the five year is a year of joy, fun, and pleasure.

Romance, family, and friends take on a significant amount of importance in a six year. This year is the year that many people meet their soul mate or life partner , and friends that you make during a six-year will often be friends for life. This year is also a year where responsibility comes into focus.

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You may pick up new responsibilities, or you may find yourself completing and letting go of old ones. Chances are both will be occurring in some form or another. During a seven-year, the focus often turns to the inside. Self-reflection and refinement grow in importance. Many people find themselves questioning the purpose of their lives, and turning toward spirituality. A 7 year is a good time to spend time alone, getting in touch with what matters and how to accomplish it. The 8 is a double 4, and in an eight-year, you could feel a bit stodgy and bound by responsibility.

As the eight-year continues, you may find yourself feeling restless and ready to move on to something new.

nine year cycle astrology Nine year cycle astrology
nine year cycle astrology Nine year cycle astrology
nine year cycle astrology Nine year cycle astrology
nine year cycle astrology Nine year cycle astrology
nine year cycle astrology Nine year cycle astrology
nine year cycle astrology Nine year cycle astrology

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