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Skill and labor turned to the crafting of things of value. Using the conventional as a medium for expressing the exceptional, in order to build something of great renown and glory. The card at the top of the cross represents your goal, or the best you can achieve without a dramatic change of priorities. King of Wands: The essence of fire behaving as air, such as lightning: A great and daring leader who inspires others to rise to challenges alongside him. An artist who can take hold of an idea and make it a reality through bold action. One who is forceful, charismatic, and honest, leading by example, but unafraid to invest authority in others.

A dashing and magnetic personality, carrying authority naturally, and striking at the world with swiftness and grace. The card at the bottom of the cross represents the foundation on which the situation is based. The Devil: Being seduced by the material world and physical pleasures. Lust for and obsession with money and power.

Living in fear, domination and bondage. Being caged by an overabundance of luxury. Discretion should be used in personal and business matters. The card at the left of the cross represents a passing influence or something to be released. Six of Cups Pleasure : Opening your heart to the simple pleasures of life. Fond memories fuel the playful embrace of love and life. Experiencing the joy of youth and sexual innocence. Engaging in acts of gentle kindness. Harmony of natural forces without effort or strain. Meeting an old friend. The card at the right of the cross represents an approaching influence or something to be embraced.

Five of Swords Defeat : A success earned through personal degradation. Separation from friends brought about by an unfeeling and coldly calculated act. Temporary victory tainted by dishonor and providing fuel for eventual defeat. The card at the base of the staff represents your role or attitude. The Emperor: Worldly authority and power. Social mastery and oratory. One who is intelligent, experienced, confident and reasonable. A patriarch or primary male influence. The motive force of politics and society.

The ability to fulfill plans and use mental control over the emotions. The card second from the bottom of the staff represents your environment and the people you are interacting with. Justice: The achievement of balance and inner harmony after a great trial. Agreements, contracts, or treaties concluded justly. Things set to rights. Karma restored.

A turn for the better in legal matters. The card second from the top of the staff represents your hopes, fears, or an unexpected element that will come into play. Ace of Cups: The seed of a new relationship or spiritual journey — perhaps as yet unseen. An opportunity for joy, contentment, fertility, or enlightenment. Coming to understand the emotional needs of those around you. May represent an unexpected message, a chance meeting, or the start of a friendship or romance. The card at the top of the staff represents the ultimate outcome should you continue on this course.

Page of Cups: The essence of water behaving as earth, such as a wellspring: An unexpected new relationship that is playful and spontaneous. A romantic soul who embraces compassion and imagination with childlike joy. Gentle reflections on love, spirituality, and the importance of personal relationships in business and material affairs.

May herald the birth of a child. Answer by Silver I have been reading tarot for about 7 years now. I would be willing to do a reading for you if you contact me. The only thing is, a reading tends to be much more effective if you are in person. Another option is you can buy a tarot deck and learn to do it yourself. They have a good selection of beginner decks, as well as themed decks. They also have a blog that goes over more in depth info for each card.

Do you see these gifts? Hart Clinton, an antitrust attorney who is also publisher of the San Mateo Times, explained the flip side of this in his testimony before the Senate antitrust subcommittee. On Dec. The Chronicled fortunes, it turns cut, have taken a sudden and dramatic turn for the better. Katzen- bach that. Donald F. Members of Congress and many newspapers accuse campaign leaders of wanting handouts and government subsidies.

The claims would be nui fifed under the Newspaper Preservation Act. They get substantial Increases In pay and benefits and continue to get them through the next 14 years, during which time no strikes or serious work stoppages occur. During the strike, the unions persuade Rep. CA J type, etc. San Francisco vZZL 2. Examiner Rescrvalmns, ? All levels. Also, workshops, in sweater design and finishing techniques.

The graph shows an interesting trend. But once the strike is settled, nothing more is heard from Burton or the unions about an investigation. Freedom to publish Is guaranteed by the Constitution, but freedom to combine to keep others from publishing is not. Freedom of the press from governmental interference under the First Amendment does not sanction repression of that freedom by private interests.

There are two ways to achieve a lower — and thus more attractive — mil rate: Cut advertising prices or increase circulation. Special Combined 9 rate After the merger, Clinton said, the Examiner and Chronicle both increased their mil line rates. However, Clinton said, after the merger, several big retailers with stores in both San Francisco and San Mateo told him they would have to reduce their linage in his paper.

Like most suburban papers, the Times had substantial revenue sources within its own community — advertisers who had little interest in reaching readers in San Francisco or other outlying areas. The Chronicle publishes a short story in which publisher Thteriot a airliner, fail to pick up the story. However, Kihn and the story's author, Guardian publisher Bruce B. Brugmann, are invited to testify at the new round of hearings on the publishers' bill in Washington, D.

They would have had to pay much more.. In , a San Francisco weekly called The Argonaut became the first victim of the merger.

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At the time of the merger. The Argonaut appeared to be quite healthy. Formerly a limited-circulation shopper, it had been purchased in by James McClatchy, whose family owned the McClatchy newspaper chain. McClatchy had increased the news content of the paper and started to publish twice weekly.

His paper was distributed to , homes. McClatchy had a staff of full- and part-time employees, and, equally importantly, he had the money to support a promising but as-yet unprofitable new paper. Restrictions on political ads The monopoly newspaper arrangement in San Francisco also controls advertising policy — and thus exerts a not-so-sublle influence over local political groups — especially groups advocating views out of line with those espoused by the Examiner and Chronicle. Perhaps the most curious recent case involved the Queen of England, Liberty House Stores and a group of local Irish nationalists.

Changing demands But the treatment the two groups received was very different. Maher was told, he said, that the ad copy and a check for the full amount were due in the Newspaper Agency office by Friday, Feb- 25th. The information is finally delivered on April 6, Liberty House had no such problem.

The figures are for San Francisco, Marin, San Mateo, Alameda and Contra Costa counties — the five counties the papers define as their primary circulation area. The combined Ex- amineriChronicle is down 67, and Market Circ. Market Giro. Market San Francisco Pen.

Abner J. L tells the National Journal that the confidential Information "shows more black figures than red ones. Program Organi zational Ph. In May, , the California League of Conservation Voters tried to place a help wanted ad for political canvassers as it had done many times in the past.

The next week, the agency changed its story. That meant the group would have to pay a premium rate, in cash, a week in advance of publication. Instead, the league rewrote the ad, omitting any specific reference to the president, and the agency let it run.

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  • President,'' page Washington observers recall no precedent for the Department of Commerce speaking for the White House on an antitrust matter. On July 24th, Nixon signs the bill. C, Kenney, a Newspaper Agency representative, toid the office manager. Why, you can go right across the street and put it in the Shopping News, which comes out two or three times a week.

    Or you can put it in the Chinese Weekly. Within their primary circulation area, the two papers, separately and combined, have produced no increases in market penetration since the merger. Instead, their total market penetration has been declining — see chart page Daily Market Circulation Penetration , Each newspaper defines its own primary market area.

    The penetration rate Is the percentage of households In the primary market area that buy the papers regularly. Penetration rates were determined by dividing the paid circulation figure by the number of households within a paper's primary market area. They have since reseparated.

    Our best seller! Many styles, colors, sizes Reg. Goose down, handwarmer and cargo pockets, roll collar Reg. Berkeley Telegraph Ave. Campbell Ave. Palo Alto University Ave. Reprinted with the permission of the author and Beacon Press. Nothing extraordinary in a country where every day hundreds of citizens write to the president of the United States. The recipient on this July day in was President Richard M.

    The writer was Richard E. And in the symbiotic equation of power, Richard Nixon meant a great deal to them. Berlin was asking the president to use his influence to exempt him and his friends from a federal law that in previous years had sent other corporate executives to jail. That is why they needed the president. The reason President Nixon needed them was nearly as obvious.

    Some key documents, including the Gould 28 letters see s f are produced by Chronicle lawyers only near the end of the first trial. Only if the Sun wins this first issue will the issues of price-fixing and profit-sharing be tried. Of the top ten newspaper markets, Malone says, only San Francisco does not have at least two competing newspapers. The Sun uses the memos of former-Examiner Publisher Charles Gould to show that Gould believed the Examiner could successfully compete with the Chronicle and had time and again laid out plans to do so.

    A straw poll among the Jurors finds them split, , just as in the first trial. No longer a constant menace to every private home in California. The rumours have persisted ever since deYoung moved into California in According to Chambliss, deYoung acquired California Street through blackmail see accompanying story. By , Charles deYoung had been sued twelve times for criminal libel And in , after an exchange of editorials and sermons with a San Francisco mayoral candidate and later mayor , Rev.

    Isaac Smith Kalloch, Charles shot and wounded Kalloch outside his church. In retaliation, Kalloch's son shot and killed Charles in the Chronicle building in The lawyer defended his characterizations as being not slurs, but clear, demonstrable fact. Leonard presented for the permanent record a year-oid document prepared by the Arizona Daily Star, which in had merged its printing, advertising and business operations with the Tucson Daily Citizen. In making that argument, the paper included a startling statement. Profits at the Star had, indeed, jumped dramatically between and , the document agreed.

    But the reason had nothing to do with the war. Net profits immediately increased as a direct result. These fat pigs knew what they were, and they knew what they were right after the war, and they knew what they were during the war, and they knew what they were when the entered into this agreement. Proposed by the heads of some half-dozen powerful newspaper chains — notably Hearst, Scripps-Howard, Gannett, Copley, Newhouse and Knight — the bill exempted the newspaper industry from key parts of federal antitrust law.

    It allowed newspapers competing in a city to legally establish a monopoly operation and, as the Tucson papers did, fix advertising prices and circulation levels, pool profits and control entry into the marketplace — all with no fear of legal reprisals. A copy of the Pig Document was entered into the subcommittee record, and a cartoon from it appeared in the next day's Washington Post.

    But the newspaper readers in Tucson were not told about the document, nor about the rest of Leonard's testimony. Nor were daily newspaper readers in San Francisco informed. Cohen, who was staff director and chief counsel of the Senate antitrust subcommittee, later wrote in their book America, Inc. The testimony raised some of the most profound public policy questions to come before the federal legislators in decades. The judge rules that the Examiner and Chronicle were entitled to the antitrust exemption In The Chron's coverage, right up to the end. We were challenging their right to violate the Sherman Anti-Trust Act by jointly fixing prices and splitting profits.

    This distasteful subject was genteely Ignored. What would have happened If they had lost somewhere along the line? They would have had to do what the other businesses in the city do: compete. But, unlike any other San Francisco business, under the JOA they have had for almost 20 years a government-sanctioned monopoly, operating without regulation, piling up huge annual profits. Why are they still so afraid of com- oeting even today? The JOA keeps taking more and more out of the city and the Bay Area — and putting less and less back in. And they are seriously shortchanging advertisers, as rates go ever skyward with no relation to declining circulation and market penetration.

    Videa "Where is Happiness? Hours: Mon. The National Journal quoted Rep. The National Journal reported intensive lobbying, including direct threats by publishers that opponents of the bill would receive adverse coverage of their future electoral campaigns. It was, for example, disclosed during the hearings that powerful newspapers routinely buy up exclusive rights to syndicated features they never intend to use but wish to prevent other local papers from printing.

    Auditors welcome. Presents Bob Hilton, Ph. If you are preoccupied with food and weight, you might be suffering from bulimia or anorexia. Or you might be a compulsive overeater. Metaphors communicate directly to the unconscious mind. A few colorful phrases, a brief allusion, or a simple story can transform a person or a situation.

    Bring this ad for a free ctraktaxik with any purchase mef S5. K For fast, delicious deep dish pizza made with quality ingredients, Italian salads and ice cream, good wines, Heineken on draft and more Pepperday, decided after only two years of declining ad revenues to cease competition and combine publishing operations. But the key feature of the agreement was never made public. The two papers had agreed to fix circulation and advertising rates and to divide all profits down the middle.

    However, in , the Justice Department suddenly decided to stop looking the other way. The first civil antitrust suit against a JOA was filed in The Tucson papers appealed, but the derision sent shock waves through the industry. Randolph Hearst had first proposed the deal in , over lunch with Thieriot at the Pacific Union Club.

    Attorneys for the papers wrote to Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach, informing him of the proposed plan and asking for clearance. In fact, as Barnett testified in. By this time, a group of small merchants in Tucson In this cartoon, the Arizona Dally Star portrays Itself and its business partner, the Tucson Dally Citizen, as a pair ot pigs.

    A Neuroscientist's description of his concussion

    After many lean years of struggling to compete for advertising and circulation! After the merger, the cartoon shows them living happily off the fat ot the land, pooling their advertising and circulation revenues and reaping huge profits. A similar bill appeared in the House. Both bills had long lists of co-sponsors, mostly legislators representing cities or states in which powerful newspapers were in- voived in a JOA.

    The act languished in both houses for the next two years. The Senate Subcommittee on Antitrust and Monopoly and the House Antitrust Subcommittee held extensive hearings In and , but the measures died in the face of opposition from both the Johnson and Nixon administrations. New urgency, more pressure In , however, the JOA publishers ran out of time. On March 10th, the U-S. Two new bills — S. In both cases, nearly all the co-sponsoring legislators had a JOA publisher back home. The National Journal reported that many of the sponsors had been asked by a hometown publisher to support the bill.

    At the time the measure came to the House floor, there were! All but 14 of them voted on the bill, and 89 of the came out in favor. The story in the Senate was almost the same. Of the 38 senators representing states with JOAs, only two voted against the bill. No politician likes to lose the sympathy of even a single newspaper or radio station. For a national leader to lose the support of a major portion of all American media can be a political disaster.

    Richard Nixon needed no education on the subject, but Berlin was not famous for subtlety. In the unlikely event that the president missed the point, Berlin took pains to hint that if Nixon did not come across with the favor Berlin requested, the media chiefs would remember this when Nixon ran for reelection in The Hearst executive and his Fellow publishers were not conducting a novel experiment. The more media power possessed by a media corporation, the more a government leader has reason to feel its displeasure.

    Few media corporations deny that they have power. They usually assert that they would never use their power for selfish purposes. But no corporation, media or otherwise, will fail to use its power if it feels a threat to its future or to its profits. Or it could be a threat to profits that makes them urge creation of loopholes in the law, like the Newspaper Preservation Act.

    Nixon acquiesced. In its final version, the Newspaper Preservation Act granted blanket immunity from antitrust action to all 22 existing JOAs and allowed for future agreements whenever the newspapers involved could obtain Justice Department approval. Not one application to form a JOA has been turned down. Have you ever had green pizza? Sushi is our specialty. So you expect it to be superb. And it is. What you might not expect is the equally delicious variety of other Japanese favorites on our menu.

    Such as tender, fresh sashimi. Curly, light tempura. Tasty teriyakis. All skillfully prepared by Japanese chefs. Thanks for your support. Block one, Newhouse two, and Scripps-Howard seven and though Berlin mentioned all of these there is nothing to indicate that the others participated in his letter to the president, though those he mentioned were pressing for the change Berlin pursued.

    Fixing prices is also contrary to the rhetoric of free enterprise with which the same media flood the public. Now a few newspapers had somewhat the same problem. The newspapers appealed that decision and began lobbying for special exemption from the law for any competitive newspaper that felt it might be failing financially.

    In , the United States Supreme Court upheld the finding that the forty-four papers were in violation of the law. The publishers felt an impending crisis. Berlin shrewdly sent two letters. All of us look to you for assistance. It was a tough demand with a clear threat: Those of us who strongly supported the present administration in the last election are the ones most seriously concerned and endangered by failure to adopt the Newspaper Preservation Act It therefore seems to me that those newspapers should, at the very least, receive a most friendly consideration, Berlin again made certain that his threat to Nixon and the Republican party could not be misunderstood: Those of us.

    CAPRICORN OCTOBER 2019 * Surprise!!! ~ Surprise!!! *

    Berlin sent a copy of this letter to President Nixon. S90, which simply codified the supposedly sacred catechism of capitalism that is endlessly enunciated by most newspapers, magazines, broadcasters, and movie studios — that competition is the life of trade and that free enterprise requires the marketplace to decide who shall survive. In June, before the Berlin letters. The chairman of the committee handling the bill, the late Senator Philip A, Hart of Michigan, responded: I want to congratulate you and the Nixon Ad- minstration for the position you have taken!

    Several weeks later, after the Berlin letters, the Nixon administration reversed itself and announced that it was now in favor of the bill The publishers obtained their Newspaper Preservation Act and President Nixon was given his political reward, the support of the large media organizations. He meant seven chains, a few of whose dailies were in quiet business partnership with their local competitors. The chains owned only fourteen of the forty-four newspapers involved in the Newspaper Preservation Act.

    But it did not take an angel from heaven to inform Richard Nixon that when the Hearst executive issued a threat he was not speaking merely with the power of the one Hearst paper needing the favor. Nixon knew he was dealing with seven chains that owned seventy-four daily newspapers with forty million circulation — at least eighty million readers — in twenty six states, including the major states without whose electoral votes no presidential candidate can win an election. When Berlin raised the issue of political support for Richard Nixon he was talking about papers read by more people than would vote in the next election.

    Scripps-Howard owned sixteen newspapers, and its parent corporation operated broadcasting stations. But forty million combined circulation and other media power is more politically persuasive than the 35, circulation of the average single daily paper. The performance of American daily papers in the presidential election was bizarre.

    For four years the Nixon administration had attacked not only the news media but their constitutional rights. Prominent in this massive support of the man who most threatened their journalistic freedom were chains whose names Berlin invoked in his letters. Cox ordered all its editors to endorse Nixon causing one editor to resign in protest. The rhetoric of media corporations is consistent: They do not interfere with the professional selection of content for their newspapers, magazines, broadcast stations, book houses, and movie studios. This book [The Media Monopoly ] shows that this is technically true for most operators in day-to-day, hour-by-hour operations, but it is not true for larger issues in which the media corporations have a strong self-interest.

    But the dominant newspaper publishers were willing to support the suppressor of freedoms of the press in return for a corporate favor. Their nine local newspapers were saved not from extinction but merely from competition. It is not reassuring to consider what might happen to the integrity of national news if dominant media corporations felt their basic power threatened. Kings: 12 mg "raC 1. It remains true, here as elsewhere, that most of the people get a majority of their information about the world from TV newscasts. To many, that is just one of the depressing facts of modern life, a cause for despair considering the consistently low quality of local broadcast journalism in.

    Current news director Bruno Cohen has followed the successful example of his immediate predecessor by keeping the broadcast quickly paced and consistently breezy in tone. The professionalism of the technical staff is evident. The practice is akin to the politics of Reaganism, where communication style and nice- guy imagery divert attention from the realities of policy and substance. And it is also true that McEIhatton and Tokuda do seem to have a chemistry, some obviously evident but difficult to define quality that attracts and holds a huge number of viewers.

    Kool gives you extra coolness for the most refreshing sensation in smoking. A sensation beyond the ordinary. Milds Kings, 11 mg. This is the litany of self- justification repeated over and over by those within the industry who defend the status quo. Even giving the local newscasters their Full due, it remains a fact that the Bay Area audience is not getting what it deserves. The public — both as individuals and as organized groups — should keep the pressure on rather than lapse into defeatism.

    As they always have, current KGO newscasts emphasize all sorts of special features. But KGO is still in a state of flux, and all its changes are not for the worse. Recently, he fired co-anchor Paul Udell and announced a nationwide search for a major anchor- reporter who can set the Bay Area on its ear and help turn things around. Quite simply, it— has no competition. Our Root Beer has creamy foam and a hearty flavor, our Cola is flavored with a squeeze of lime, our citrus flavors have the tang of real juice. Of course, there are no caffeine or preservatives in any of our beverages. Features channel cable-ready tuning, stereo broadcast ready with optional adapter, Computer Color circuitry.

    Utilizes laser and digital technology for pure perfect sound. Stereo-ready cable-ready. High power amplifier, Dolby' NR. Soft-touch,full- logic controls. We don't care whether you bought it from us or someone else, or whether it s under warranty or not. Pacific Stereo delivers! Ask needs a tune-up, we give it one. Condition-free, hassle-free. Pacific Stereo service 1 a salesperson for details. Ironclad Price Guarantee We will not be undersoldl If within 30 days of purchase at Pacific Stereo, you find the same product with the same mode!

    Advertised prices good through Wednesday October 17, , All items limited to stock on hand and may include some demos. Prices may have varied in different markets or individual stores. Owned by Cox Broadcasting, based in Oakland and not affiliated with a major network, KTVU is a highly profitable independent operation that broadcasts reruns, old movies and non-network specials.

    W eather reports consume an inordinate amount of air-time on local TV news that might otherwise be filled with real news. TV news has always had a weather page, but now it has comics too. To others, they gave final validation to the reputation of the Channel 5 product as Eyewitless News. Shannon, to give him his due, is not without talent and insight. He probably deserves some kind of place on television, perhaps as a part of a feature-oriented magazine-style show.

    But, as with all TV news comics, every 60 seconds devoted to him in the context of a serious newscast is a minute wasted. Its a Dance Troupe. F, Thurs. S6, Fri. The release print exists in several cuts; the longest runs minutes, this one about Lew Tabackin. Maclaine says she has total recall of a past few lives, but she's not doing too badly in this one. Expect dancing, singing, intimate chit-chat and gams galore from one very feisty redhead.

    Through Nov. And even though the show is on noncommercial radio, longtime sponsors such as Etnbinder — the flypaper tA youVe gradually grown to trust over the course of three generations 1 ' — have received permission to peddle their wares. FM Special mention must be made of the dubious achievers, those writers whose first place selections finished last. When, since Moschin mimes a masterly monster and Tognazzi's a perfect foil, will Una learn to leave well enough alone?

    A very naturally acted, light-as-angel-food-cake slice ot life. Jessica Lange and Sam Shepard are a happily married couple with three children: teen Levi L Knebel, younger no- nonsense sister Theresa Graham and the Midwest's most captivating tot. Shepard is farming father-in-law Wilford Brimley's land but losing more money every year. The newly stringent government-run Farmers Home Administration decides Shepard won't be able to repay his Loans and begins foreclosure action.

    The shock makes Shepard unexpectedly fall apart, and it's up to Lange to fight to keep the family and farm together. After 15 years, burned-out teacher Nick Nolle now takes three-day lost weekends, white schooHs-a- business vice principal Judd Hirsch attends to a shooting, a stabbing, a teacher's unnoticed death and keeps the business- minded administration happy.

    Phone for information. Wednesday Thursday. Friday and S. See page 12 for entry blank. Believe it or not, that was how I once looked. Bleached hair in place, designer hems straight, fingertips on all my gloves. God, was I a mess. People told me to loosen up, let my hair down, get into music. I could be in Dire Straights.

    My Astrology

    I adore Brahms and Beethoven, but the Blasters??? Then a friend told me about MTV. Music television? I always felt that musicians belonged on the radio and actors on TV. Or was it actors in the White House? I was skeptical. I mean, Judas Priest. But in a Quarterflasn. I was hooked. The V. Jackson can Thlk Talk. Nina Blackwood is tres Chic. Yes, MTV has been a Renaissance for me.

    My knowledge of world events was going down the Tubes , until I quickly learned about Japan. Asia , and the English Beat. I put some Men At Work to Fixx the security around our place. Yes, MTV. Call now! Get your first month free and change your life! All you pay is the regular installation fee and a refundable equipment deposit. Muy not be combined with ainy other Viacom offer.

    Last, we compiled a newspaper accuracy percentage NAP to evaluate each paper's selections overall. Total RAPs divided by the number of reporters for each publication. Boch, Scorlarri, C. Boch, Beerhoven. J ffiNER! Rob Becker Show times: Sun - Thun 9 p. Directed by W. An action-adventure sci-fi genre parody with feints at political satire, Buckaroo Banzai or, if I may take the liberty, BB is a mess, but it's the kind of mess only intelligent people can make.

    Screenwriter Rauch is brimming over with ideas not all of them good , and ex-screenwriter Richter just can't bring himself to blue-pencil a single one of them. BB chokes on its own multiplicity of characters and inchoate ideas, themes and riffs — it gags on its own gags — and it must have the talkiest screenplay in 30 years. But Rauch's dialogue is a far cry from Sturges or Mankiewicz. A multi-talented celebrity Buckaroo Banzai Peter Weller , conceived as an ongoing series hero, a thinking person's Indiana Jones, is a Japanese American neurosurgeon, physicist, stock- car racer and presidential adviser.

    He's the most famous person in the world; whole issues of People could be devoted to various aspects of his celebrity. None of this is clearly established until half an hour into the movie. The movie doesn't draw you in. Now the baddies want that device to free themselves and get back to Planet Meanwhile, the good aliens in control of the home planet send word to Buckaroo that If the earthlings can't keep the bad aliens bottled up in the 8th Dimension, the good aliens will be forced to plunge the earthly superpowers into a planet-busting nuclear holocaust.

    Parody and paranoia On its way to the final countdown, BB parodies most of the adventure movie genres while venturing into political paranoia a la Dr. Strangelove and Manchurian Candidate. There are good reasons to see BB, though. As Buckaroo, Weller doesn't look even half Japanese, but he does look extra-sharp in his natty suits and fashionable red- rimmed spectacles. BB is an exasperating failure. At Warfield Theatre. SR Through October 28th. The pushy plant portrayed here by a series of cleverly designed and manipulated puppets just keeps growing, bringing notoriety to the once-unprofitable little Skid Row flower shop where Seymour works for the Jewish papa owner Mushkin and pines for a chirpy blond co-worker named Audrey.

    You leave uplifted and thrilled to be alive. Helen Caldicott halo CaJvino Dr. Blue Planet weaves a hypnotic spell. Jon Ross and Mill Abel. Snows at 9 pm with additienal 11 pm snows Fri. Larry Brown and David Feldman. Bancroft and Telegraph. Warren Thomas and Gary Hansen. Shows al 9 pm with additional 11 pm shows Frl. Snows al 9 pm with additional 11 pm shows Fn. Bay and Mason. Jim Samuels. Gonzo and Af Clemen. Shows al 9 pm with additional t T pm shows Frr, and Sat. Choreographers Performance Alliance: stizarme Clements-Marl in. Nanette Vieliieu. Footwork Sludib. Rebecca Jones, Sheri Alley.

    Joan uaarus. Larry McQueen and others. New Performance Gallery, 17th St.. B pm. New Performance Gallery, 17th Sr. Julia Morgan Theater. Paramount Theatre. Rainbow irocerv. Inner Sunset. Noe Valiev and Other Avenues community stores. You'll either love it or hate it. Some tunny sight gags, bui Tomtln is underused and all ol Martin Isn't nearly enough.

    Oaki ; Frl. Albany :iti5 Solano, Albany. Rockrfdgo Showcase Broadway at 51st Si. At minutes too long, put ol great appeal lo music and PBS lovers alike. Story of tmee Italian prisoners ol war shipped to a remote Scottish farm during WW II and lonely young wife Phyllis Logan who befriends them with calamitous results.

    Creating a Company’s Visual Identity

    Logan's excellent, but the movie's mood Is so bleak it's downright depressing. Berk, : call theater lor times. Involved, watch out! Mostly unfunny and mtsmaiched trio of parapsychologists Bill Murray. Dan Aykroyd' and Harold Ramis are forced to go into business when they lose their research gram and become overnight successes when a plague of paranormal occurrences break out in New York, For Ten-year-olds.

    South African director Jamie Uys's indefinable film shows what happens when totally uncivilised Bushman Xi finds a Coke home, thinks it's a pod and tries to give it back when it turns out to be evil. Definitely not for the kiddies. Steven Spielberg's and George Lucas's iwo-thrifts-a-second whiz-bang movie about a search lor a sacred stone used in sadistic black magic rituals, celt comedienne Kate Capshaw great in a lemate putdown pan and Harrison Ford looking for trouble and finding it.

    Uof for young children. Empire 65 West Portal at Vicente. Supposedly the story ot why tso-yaar-nld Drew Barrymore wants to divorce parents Shelley long and Ryan O'Neal, the focus immediately shifts from the child to the parents and their trite boring story, which is sun a rfliel from Barrymore's not-a-singte-naiural-move acting. Rockrldge Showcase [ Broadway at 51 si Si,. When will Lina learn to leave wefl enough alone? Glenn Close.

    Thoir looks into each other's lives make this 1ight-as-angel-food-cake slice ol IHe. Lindsay Crouse and John Malkovich, alt ol which never come together. UA Shattuck. Berk, ; call theater tar limes. Berk B : cafl heater tar times. Excellently acted throughout.

    B;OS and T; Sat. Nick Nolte's a hurneb-out teach er trying to slay sane while vice principal Judd Hirsch handles the daily horror. An intelligent, humorous look art the educaimnal system. Century Oakport. Albert Finney's consummate portrayal cl a tormented alcoholic consul in Cuernavaca, with Jacqueline Eisset as his ex-wife, Anthony Andrews as his hail-Brother and some terrtbiy-stitl-upper-fip dialogue. The movie tnes to make n so that either the affair or the movie will East Unlit October. Wnat starts out to be fascinating Ink at the Maoris m New Zealand'turns into a period horror movie when.

    SMITH at 2 New College Gallery. No Infants Please. It is a very fine thing. Kim ball's Grove. Dead Kennedys: Lead singer JeiloBiafra and the boys cling to punk's eany sense of itseil as an alternative - musical and political — to mainstream culture. Markel Street Cinema.

    Is as diverse as you'll find. Golden Grommet, Irving. Pegpy Lee: The North Dakota-born singer gave you "Fever" and enjoyed tremendous popularity in the s. Venetian Room, Fairmont Hotel, Mason. Concord Pavilion, Kirker Pass. George Benson: Once among the mosl promising at jazz guitarists. UC Berkeley. Hot Links serves up steaming sounds from New Orleans.

    Old Warehouse Cabaret. Emeryville Zydeco Express: Firing up his sieaming zydeco band, former Queen Ida sidekick ai FLapone headlines a dance-party night of Louisiana two-step and waltz - music. Mary's Cathedral. Gough and Geary. Greek Theatre. UC Berkeley, Berk. La Pena, Shatteck. Larry Blake's, Telegraph. The Stone. Bimbo's Club, Cdlumbus. RSB and Latin music. Williams appears in a sote per- lormance thai will expose ihe many facets — blues, bop, tree jazz - bf her playing. Bayne's, Valencia. Wolfgang's, 90 1 Columbus, Just Irtendiy people dofog friendly things" m tight new wave symn-and-guitar rock that owes its eclecticism and perhaps its overreaching to Bowie and all Ins sources.

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    The Slone. East Bay Dbe Bell and A Plank: Her album on Concord Jazz earned Bell sudden attention or her graceful treatments of jazz standards and especially ballads: she is accompanied by pianist Ai plank. Berk, PART 5 at As long as they can make her fall in love.

    Albert Takazauclitas directs. Plays Toes. Fort Mason. Building D. Plays Fri, and Sat. Robert Willden directs. Sludin Eremos. Project Artaud, tTth St. Plays Thurs. Concaved, written end performed by Marcia Klntmai. Deah Schwartz and Anne Wiliord. Plays Fri. Theater, ttfl? Sieve Schacwer directs. Pfays Tues. Through Del. David Parr directs the Julian Theatre. Plays Wed. Julian Theater. Rays Tubs. Through Oct. Wamerd Theater, 6th St. Rays Fri. Mark London Williams' Piccolo Pete reminds the audience, through horror and laughter, thei all is not well in the world, Rays Thurs.

    The Next Stage. Rays Wed,-Sal at 9 pm with additional 11 pm shows Fri and Sal. Through Get. People's Theater Coalition. Building- 8, Fort Mason. Laguna and Marina. SF Berkeley Playhouse. Nova Theatre, Dolores. In The Actor's Nightmare, an average pe who rs mistaken lor a star's understudy, musi fudge his way through scenes of Coward, Shakespeare and Beckett.

    Both plays are written by Christopher Durang and directed by Jerry 2aks. Peggy Cass lakes over the role Oct, 16, Rays lues. Through Nov, 4. Marines' Memorial Theatre. SF, Unusual costumes, lighting and choreography highlight the performance, based on Broadway musicals and spools of famous people. Alcazar Theater. Beach Blanket Babylon Goes to the Stars and The From": Extravagant hats and silty songs are the outstanding tenures ol this very-long-running musical cabaret. Changes in character, song and title revive the show every few months.

    Rays Wed. Open-ended, Club Fugazi. Music Hall Theater. Open-ended, Club, California, SF. Rays Toes-Sun, ai pm and Fri. Plush Room, 94Q Sutter. Two drink minimum, no minors. B, Yeats, Sean O'Casey. Tues, Wed. The play touches on important themes lor city kids: drugs, suicide, prostitution, child: abuse and survival, Rays Fn.

    Unitarian Center. Dakt It made me laugh a lot. The drama examines Ihe rsHa- tionship belwecn a ytar-otb nun and the Judge who sentences tier to jail for protesting at a nuclear weapons plant. T, Theater, Geary. SF, DonaJinn. SF S5. Keith Bicker dirods. Building C. Mozart comes raucously alive as a punk rebel, grossing out the Establishment Forman pulls performances from his actors that are nothing short of devastating!

    But best of all Greed lnc. Dyketones — Valencia Rose , Valencia. Romeo Void — Kabukf Nightclub , Post. Bluegrass One — Paul's Saloon , Scott. Curtis Lawson — Golden Grommet , Irving. Times Beach — Graffiti , Valencia. Nick Gravenites — The Saloon , Grant. G, Marina and Buchanan. Jazzmin — Golden Grommet , Irving. Nika — Yoshi T s , Claremont, Oakl.

    Shakes — Lucky Lion , Redwood Rd. Noel Jewkes 7eptet — Barone's , Valencia. Paul Lee — Yoshi's , Claremont, Oakl. X-lt - Lucky Lion , Redwood Rd. Steele — Graffiti , Valencia. High Country — Raufs Saloon , Scott.

    A Neuroscientist's description of his concussion

    Virgin Release — Graffiti , Valencia. Supernatural Band — The Saloon , Grant. Osage — Town House , Doyle, Emeryville. Kenny G — Wolfgang's , Columbus.

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