Horoscope in urdu 16 october 2019

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Your Guide to the Future. With Uranus, the only planet in your relationship sector also in retrograde motion, Venus is making the most of the doors open to the past and second chances on both fronts.

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This creates a month where you are able to fully immerse yourself in the past during the first nine days of the month, before looking to the future without having to turn your back on the past. And it is the Moon that will give you a head start on that.

All this before your birthday month and new solar year even begins. When Jupiter turned direct in your income sector in August he may have turned and faced the future, but for several weeks barely moved.

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Since then the wheels have been slowly picking up speed, slowly at first but consistently, to a point where there is some noticeable momentum. Due to leave on 3rd December but the support crew that will help bring things home not returning until early next month, even though Jupiter will move into his final two months on 3rd October, there is still no urgency. Every day and week that passes Jupiter is literally picking up speed, is becoming more empowered and income potential is expanding.

This has been a slow burn ever since Jupiter returned in November and four months in retrograde motion, from April to August, was a chance to return to the drawing board. However, Jupiter turned direct in the heart of the most active months of this professional year and while the last planet left your career sector at the end of August, this has created all the professional momentum you need.

Horoscope in urdu 27 october 12222

The Moon will make two visits to your income sector and each are important, for different reasons. The first visit is from 3rd October to 5th October and as the Moon makes a friendly aspect to both planets on the job front, this will be a chance to get your new bearings across the income, work and career fronts.

The Moon will return on 30th October, where it will see out the month. Being unpredictable is a great attribute of Aquarius horoscope in Urdu. Feb 12, Urdu Horoscope is daily updated and collected from different Aqrabces of urdu horoscope of Scorpio Aqrab. Jul 06, Leo Horoscope Leo Urdu Astrology Friday, 27 July The Leo zodiac people are the most desirable people for being energetic, leadership oriented, generous and loving.

horoscope in urdu 16 october 2019 Horoscope in urdu 16 october 2019
horoscope in urdu 16 october 2019 Horoscope in urdu 16 october 2019
horoscope in urdu 16 october 2019 Horoscope in urdu 16 october 2019
horoscope in urdu 16 october 2019 Horoscope in urdu 16 october 2019
horoscope in urdu 16 october 2019 Horoscope in urdu 16 october 2019

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