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The best decisions are made with both the emotions and the intellect; this relationship tends to be extremely flexible and progressive. When problems occur, however, the communication breaks down between Libra and Pisces. Their only real trouble may result from their tendency to slow down to the point of stopping when they get together.

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Cancer Man Pisces Woman Long Distance Relationship

Their mutual interest in helping individuals and the world around them. They are well-matched in their enthusiasm, energy and desire for a sincere relationship.

She's serving fish...and feelings.

What's in your future? Click here to sign up for a Psychic Reading. Here, how it affects you! Angel Cards, Angel Chat Now! Chakra Healing, Clairvoyant, Top Rated! Get in-depth insight into this pairing with a Love Compatibility report. When two water signs such as fixed Scorpio and mutable Pisces join in a loving partnership , they bond strongly. Water is the bonding element; it can be a challenge for each to retain their sense of separate identity. Habits and patterns develop over the years, so that rather than being two autonomous beings who support and love one another, they feel dependent, as if they are incomplete on their own.

Super Sensitive Pisces

This creates a cycle of codependency that makes the transition period after breaking up a difficult trial for both. The water element signifies emotions, deep currents of feeling, grief, longing, desire, nostalgic memories, and emotional attachments of all kinds. When Scorpio and Pisces split up, both will suffer. The process of releasing deep emotional connections is terribly painful, even when it is consensual on both sides. When one partner is dumped, the pain can be agonizing for both, even the dumper who will experience a partner's pain and personal guilt.

How Each Zodiac Sign Handles a Break Up

People in this situation should seek emotional support. Water element people can be tempted to project villainous qualities upon the one left behind.

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They may seek to harden their hearts, hoping it will make the break less painful. But if such a naturally tender heart is hardened, the sense of self is harmed most of all. Water signs are sensitive and that is their power; above all, they need to allow themselves to feel what they feel without cushioning or distancing. Tears must flow, and it helps immeasurably to cry them willingly. The key to finding healing through tears is to understand that they are a release, not a curse.

Scorpio and Pisces have different styles when it comes to endings though they both share the water element. Water has distinct states; both ice and mist are water.

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Scorpio, being fixed, is more like ice; a Scorpio will freeze and form deep and permanent bonds that resist melting. When a relationship ends, this sign is likely to hang on for dear life.

For Scorpios, bonds formed through sexual intimacy reach their roots and take relentless hold. Letting go is terribly painful, but like ice, through pain Scorpio can melt, flow and evolve. Scorpio's needs are overwhelming and not negotiable. If problems in the relationship prevent the deep intense bonding this sign craves, a Scorpio may compulsively seek another lover to create a new bond to meet those needs.

How to Break Up with a Pisces Man

In that case, a less evolved Scorpio type can drop a former love with stunning ease. Scorpio is not heartless.

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Quite the contrary; feelings of guilt can be so deep and powerful that it seems easier to walk away than have to face the pain and betrayal of a former partner. A mature Scorpio, however, will face that dark mirror and use it as an aid to growth, taking responsibility for pain caused and staying present for the Pisces ex as long as necessary. Pisces, a mutable sign, is more adaptable, like mist and vapour. This sign can easily flow with changes but feels everything in a holistic, global fashion and becomes easily confused.

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