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Be more open to this person's suggestions. Tonight: Add spice to your life. This Week: Your playfulness emerges with friends and in meetings. By Wednesday, others ignore you; they have to get something done. Your emotional nature seems to be tamer than usual. What might prove interesting is how a partner or loved one starts acting moody when you don't!

Sun enters Scorpio

The less said, the better. Be caring in your dealings with this person. Tonight: Go with another person's suggestions. This Week: Negotiate and share through Tuesday.

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Learn more the remainder of the week. You seem to be dragging your heels around a project, causing a delay in getting to the more fun aspects of the day. A loved one misses you and wants to pitch in. Let it happen. You might enjoy yourself more. Tonight: Think Monday. This Week: The lion roars and still someone steals your thunder. Keep conversations at a one-on-one level. You cannot and should not hold back at present, especially if a friend or loved one seems more flexible than usual.

Just be yourself and allow the child within to emerge. Fun will simply happen and will come with good vibes. Tonight: Forget tomorrow, enjoy now. This Week: You plunge into work Monday. Others prove too distracting by Wednesday and Thursday. Your thoughts revolve around your home, investments and the possibility for change. You see a situation differently than in the recent past. Be more open and fun-loving in how you approach a personal matter. Tonight: The later it becomes, the more fun you have. This Week: Creativity soars with naughtiness Monday and Tuesday. Work demands attention Wednesday and Thursday.

You might be jammed between several choices and not sure which way to turn. A conversation with a relative or dear friend might suggest which way to go. Ultimately, trust yourself and your intuition. Tonight: Dinner at a favorite spot. This Week: Jump when it comes to domestic issues and property. Wednesday you experience some calmness. Be aware of the costs of proceeding as you have. Fatigue marks your thoughts, and you might prefer not to make a decision at this moment. Try not to let this reluctance flow into your day.

Tonight: It's OK to indulge a little. Others value your attention and time. No matter which way you turn, you find someone seeking you out. Be gracious. Enjoy visiting, yet make time for a child or loved one. Sometimes, you can be overly serious. Tonight: Where the action is. If you are single, toward your next birthday, you easily might be charmed by a new person in your life. Get to know this individual better. If you are attached, you sometimes feel conflicted in what you want from your sweetie.

Daily Sun Sign Horoscope

Accept your sweetie as he or she is. ARIES understands you well. The more you eye the long term and see what's going on, the better you understand how lucky you are because of your ability to communicate.

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  8. Confusion surrounds the day, but you will enjoy yourself if you stay open. Tonight: Someone admires you more than you realize. Keep your own counsel, even if someone tries to coerce you into giving him or her some information. A loved one reaches out to you. The conversation you share could be quite intimate.

    You might adjust your patterns as you gain more understanding. Tonight: Keep your plans hush-hush. You can make headway and have a significant conversation with a key person in your life. You might not be as secure as you'd like to be. A friend might become controlling at some point.


    Recognize how insecure you feel. No one can change that feeling but you.

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    Tonight: Out with friends. You might want to change gears and proceed in a new way with a key project, where you'll be more visible. A conversation could be more serious than you had anticipated -- at least, that's how the other party is taking it.

    Tonight: Stay light and easy, especially in public places. Be willing to stretch your mind and understand a different culture. Though you might not feel comfortable, know that you are learning to be more effective and understanding. Let your creativity emerge. Tonight: Eliminate confusion by clarifying what someone else is saying.

    One-on-one relating seems to be the best mode to relax and share some time with a loved one. You've pushed hard to achieve a certain goal; don't lose ground by not understanding what a key person shares with you. Walk away from a power play. Tonight: Reach out to a loved one. Reach out to a loved one or an important friend. This person often delights in what goes on around you. You might experience more than just a friendship with this person.

    Horoscope for Friday, August 2, 12222

    Be open to communicating your thoughts. Touch base with a sibling or a dear friend. Tonight: Hang out. You don't need to do much other than relax and catch up on sleep. A friend who is very serious might want to get you into playing a card game with him or her. You will need to learn some ground rules, but once you do, you'll be difficult to beat. Tonight: Know when to call it. Your affectionate side emerges. You might find it hard to say "no" to a loved one.

    A serious conversation might go along with this period of getting to know each other better.

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