Scorpio astrology traits

What is the Scorpio zodiac sign like?

The number of regeneration. Tradition equates eight with transcendence to a higher plane of consciousness.

What Is The Date Range For Scorpio?

It signals eternity, the spiral shape folding unto itself. It is also associated with moneymaking and worldly possessions. The menopausal period. The cessation of maidenhood, akin to virgin Kore having turned into her crone aspect, Persephone. The hormonal change occurring at this time puts a woman in touch with the unseen chemical working of her body, something of which the Scorpio is forever aware.

Just as tree drops its leaves and the energy growth shifts to the internal root level, so, too, does this age signify the shedding of the last bloom of physical fertility in favor of the psychic fecundity of womanly wisdom. Scorpio is imperious. Like frozen Persephone, she can be rigid, icy, and expectant of others to do her bidding. Scorpio draws on the archetype of the destroyer goddess. Death in the Scorpion view is a door to transformation.

The Eleusimian mysteries associated with the goddess underscore illumination stemming from darkness.

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Scorpio is the she-devil. Ancients personified death as female, the bosom of Mother Earth to whom we all return. The femme fatale character in literature uses sex as a device for her own gain. Scarlett O'Hara is most infamous, her name recalling the deep red associated with the sign; her union with Rhett Butler, a devilish Plutonic character clad in black, coincides with the desolation of the earth Tara. House Association: the 8th house, house of death and regeneration, the occult, mysteries and subconscious.

The Seductive Scorpio A fixed water sign seething with the enticing, and intense paired energies of Pluto, and Mars. The age of Scorpio symbolizes the time of introspection, a time in the middle of someones life, in which they need to step back, think, and contemplate for a little while.

Scorpio Traits

Due to this, when you initially come into contact with a Scorpio, they are silent, usually preferring to err on the side of mystery. Scorpios are usually quietly contemplative, stoic, mysterious, and calm, or so they want you to presume, but underneath the cold distant Scorpio veneer is a smoldering all consuming passion, that very few can tame including themselves.

This intensity, and passion transmutes simple mundane things into things of legend. Scorpios are usually wonderfully gifted artists, as most water signs are, able to capture the most depraved, and the most joyous examples of the human condition, with a mere word or stroke of a brush. Scorpios can also find enjoyment in pursuing occult sciences, like Astrology, or Numerology. Scorpios also excel in psychology,able to read dissect, and discern pretty much anything a person puts on the table, being a ruler of a house that has to do with the subconscious will do that to you.

Scorpios are so good at reading others, they often take advantage of this fact and become quite manipulative. Scorpios can be extremely manipulative, with this manipulation they control, the people in their life, metaphorically paralyzing them with their stingers. They can be prone to extreme bouts of jealousy in relationships, even if the person so much as talks to another of the preferred sex, which incites a deep rage.

The Complete Guide To Scorpio Personality Traits

Hopefully, your not at the receiving end, because their vengeance is fierce, they destroy you from the inside without remorse, or pity, they are often describe as cold, cruel and dark people due to their intense traits. Luckily, redemption can be found under the sheets. Sexually, Scorpio is a dominant, and a talented one at that. Lavishing their lover with loads of attention, and affection. Scorpio is intense in the bedroom, and almost any form of kink will be acceptable, all but two ways ,and three ways, sex is an intimate act between two lovers to a Scorpio, any more than one, happens to butcher the fun.

Scorpios personify the Cthonian principle, a principle of society, it represents, the corrupt under gutters of our society, that are kept hidden, and better kept that way. Though like the Apollonian principle, they too are trying to find a match to fill their constantly yearning hearts, so they can be born into love, and be reborn anew with passionate flames of desire.

Active, aggressive, intense, moody, outspoken. The darker side of life intrigues them. Pluto is associated with subterranean forces, both liberal and metaphoric. The Third Quadrant is that of mental perception, and in particular the concept of existence. For Scorpio, the unconscious mind is of prime interest; he feels that truths lie in the hidden realm of the unfathomable psyche. To reach reality, Scorpio asserts, one must dig.

A life well lived involves solving one piece of the ever-unfolding cryptogram that is our world. Scorpio wants to crystallize aspects of experience that remain mysterious or concealed into a solid understanding. Males in female earth, water signs are not aligned with the gender polarity of the sign and thus enact instead of embody the quality-element combination of the sign.

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Instead, Scorpio man is a miner for such qualities in others, just as he seeks to unearth anything beautiful or valuable as might be concealed from the eyes of the world. Sign Number: 8.

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The number of mystery. The black eight ball in billiards is a signal of death, ending the game of life. The lucky-eight-ball toy is a revealer of secret answers. The number is the symbol of infinity - in other words, not death but regeneration, aking to the message the totem phoenix delivers. It depicts not simply a cycle o life, but a spiral forever turning on itself. Cabalistic teachings associate the number eight with material wealth. Single Age Association: Age of instrospection. A time when external attributes and manly prowess are in decline.

Inner resources are uncovered as a source of happiness. Scorpio suffers from suspicions. He is intrusive and confrontational and can be bullying in youth. Teasing can become outright abuse. He has a notoriously pessimistic view of society, which can lead to nihilism. He may suffer from obsessive-compulsive behavior. Particularly focused on money, he can have a maniacally stingy streak. When he feels slightly crossed by others, they will be frozen right out of his life. Scorpio draws on the archetype of the underworld god, Pluto or Hades.

Scorpio man likewise gets tot the core of experience with others. Hades wears a helmet of invisibility. Like him, Scorpio man is a stealthy character who finds mainstream social activity supercilious; he too, falls hard in love and seeks to whisk a woman off her feet to live some private underground existence. Scorpio man draws on the archetype of Satan, the shadow side of Lucifer. A serpent-phallic god who impregnated Mother Earth in whose womb he resides, he mirrors the underground Scorpio persona.

The tale of Beauty and the Beast recalls these myths. The little Scorpion devil is characterized by such antagonists as Jack in Lord of the Flies and Draco Malfoy malevolent dragon in the Harry Potter series.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Secretly wishing to know about Scorpio women? Then take a look at the traits of a Scorpio woman that are mentioned below. This in fact is one of the key traits of a Scorpio lady. Nothing can push her from her ground. Be it with her friends or the man she loves, she perfectly knows where her loyalty lies. Loyalty is in her blood. She will never cheat. She is one of those few people in the world who can really be trusted blindly. This is because she is not someone who believes in making fake promises. Even if she seems tiny as a mouse, she has the strength and courage of a lioness.

It is because of this strength and courage that she is very much capable to look after herself. She loves her freedom and hates to be told what to do.

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She does things that she thinks is right, instead of blindly listening to others. A Scorpio woman is an extremely keen observer. She tends to get into the minute details of any issue or a person in such a manner that she can even spot a tiny speck that may not be visible to others. It is due to this nature that a Scorpio lady tends to make very good judgments about various issues or people. If the size of heels one wears had to determine to what extent a person stands his or her ground then this lady is probably wearing about 10 inches pencil-pointed stilettos with super-strong cement covering the soles!

This clearly describes her determined and indomitable nature. She is someone who puts her mind to achieve something, and then forgets everything else till it is finally hers. No one can shake her, no matter how hard they try. The passion of a Scorpio woman is worth writing a book about. Hence, a Scorpio woman makes a very good lover. Whatever she does, she gives her whole and soul to it.

Whether it is in a relationship, education, career, hobby or responsibility, she performs with immense passion and zeal. Do something sweet for her, and a Scorpio woman will never ever forget your act of kindness. She perpetually will be thankful to you. But do something really mean to her, and she will hate you till she goes to her grave.

I really learned that the way I am is true to be I am all of the things I was reading and it was crazy to me. Thanks for the info now I know why I am the way I am and it's great. Maybe not to others but to me yes it is Mimi - 1-May PM. My personality is literally the exact opposite of my sign, and I wasn't born on a cusp. Anonymous - Apr PM. I was born 7lbs 7oz in in birthing room7. On 10 29 i wouldnt want to be anything other then a scorpio. I need a minute of silence to express how much of a gift it is to be a Scorpio. The Spritual blessing, the magic, the emotions and the honour.

I was born early on 8th of November i should have been a Saggitarius i thank the heaven for such a blessing. The love of my life was a Scorpio 26th October. Love and light to you all scorpios your not distant friends your all family occultist girl - Apr PM. Im so happy to be a scorpio. Men, i can't believe this, i was born 10th, November!

Abdullah - Mar PM. Born And loving everything about being a Scorpio. Lynn - Dec AM. Wow this makes me realized a lot about myself, I was born Nov 4 which has a lot of meaning. I am a real Scorpio. Every character here is all I exhibit. Pretty T - 5-Oct PM. This is so true I exhibit every character here I'm proudly Scorpio? Air-lah - Sep AM. This does amaze me how true and accurate this all is. People do seem to always say they cant work me out but i dont understand that as i wear my heart on my sleeve and say everything how it is.

I do struggle to show emotions i guess but reading all this and the comments becsuse im bored makes me seem less unique about myself but weird thing is iv never met another scorpio. Lil - Sep AM.

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  7. I am a scirpio all the way. My birthday has many meanings i was birn November 11th At am. They say being born the 11th day of the 11th month at makes the scorpio in you so very intense and im here to say its true. Love this this site Moonbeam - Sep AM. Also, my birthday is the 27th of October. Rowan Colorne - Sep PM. Dresha - Sep PM.

    Even thoughI believe you need to be older than in your older teens to establish your real traits, when life comes lashing over u, I think that these traits have shown in me well already.

    I enjoy revenge, I enjoy people begging me to stay in their lives - makes me feel powerful. Wiki - Sep AM. R scorpios most desicive or indesicive?? Hi pls ans - Sep PM. So true about us Scorpios. Just broke up with my Leo boyfriend. He was the total opposite of me. I'm very emotional, secretive, loyal and vindictive. This right here hits the spot.

    Loving this website. It takes a HELL of a lot more than a couple of pesky knocks and setbacks to stop them from achieving their goals. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Scorpios can be quite private in ways and they often prefer to keep a smaller circle of friends. Often the Scorpio gaze alone is enough to scare you straight.

    scorpio astrology traits Scorpio astrology traits
    scorpio astrology traits Scorpio astrology traits
    scorpio astrology traits Scorpio astrology traits
    scorpio astrology traits Scorpio astrology traits
    scorpio astrology traits Scorpio astrology traits

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