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Astrological Forecasts for 10/08/12222

But how do you make a choice when your heart is saying one thing and your head is on another tangent altogether? Sometimes you just have to turn down the noise outside to be able to receive messages from your higher self.


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Some may be at a stage where there is a lot to conquer, but very little action is being taken in the right direction. Let focus become your power word. Your current energy brings the case of the great Norse God, Odin, to mind. He hung from the World Tree for nine whole days in order to gain enlightenment. Hold on a second, Virgo!

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What we are however urging you to do is embrace the delays and look for silver linings. In the days ahead, you will gain a better understanding of your life path and be able to chase after goals with newfound fervour. We celebrate our victories with much aplomb. But what happens when we trip and fall? See this failure as a turning point, Libra , one that is teaching you that strength and resilience are the very essence of your being.

Instead, find a way to show them the light. Everything is as it should be. You are in a beautiful phase right now, one that comes with the promise of hope and healing. Things on the domestic front are also looking up for you. Is there anything better in this world than coming home to the people you love?

Libra Horoscope 12222 For Economic life

Coupled Scorpions, make a conscious effort to spend quality time with each other. Turning your boudoir into a love temple is a good way to ensure you head home as soon as the clock strikes six. The tighter you try to hold on to the sand, the faster it will slip through your fingers. Understanding this age-old piece of wisdom will assist you in your journey to greatness.

Think abundance, not lack. Investing your money in the right place will help your business grow manifold. Sometimes golden gates open up magically. At other times, we have to hustle a little harder and create our own opportunities. See how and where you need to take more charge, Capricorn. Your leadership skills could also be under the scanner at this point. Delegate, but to the right people. Learning to be self-reliant will change the game permanently. Look at you healing old wounds and breaking bad habits. Taking a step back emotionally will help you gain perspective. Your best friend will be more than happy to show up with a bottle of Prosecco and hold your hand through the troubles.

So what if they are operating from a space of loose morals? Keep your karmic slate clean. Under no circumstances should you stoop down to their level. Should you then allow yourself them to walk all over you then? Hold your head high and speak up against the injustice. Aries Horoscope Today: October 2, Cosmic tip: Hello, talk of the town! Taurus Horoscope Today: October 2, You would achieve your dreams through tireless efforts.

Libra horoscope indicates a possible loss or chances of someone cheating in your business. Stay alert. Working in a partnership would be profitable. Jobholders would enjoy a fruitful time, with good possibilities of raise in salary and position at work.

Libra Daily Horoscope

Planetary positions favor a transfer, if you are looking for it. Work atmosphere seems pleasant, with possible appreciation from your boss.

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Libra, seems variable for your finances. With the start of , your horoscope shows a mostly comfortable period for money matters.

Yet control wasteful spending this year, as an unexpected increase in expenses is possible. Old land related investments would bear good profits this year. You may spend on your house or vehicle, though make sure the investment remains low. Expenses on your children seem to increase after September Your love life seems to flourish now, Libra.

Gifts and surprises would boost harmony in relations.


For Libra singles, return of an old lover might reignite the lost sparks. However, make sure you still feel the same for that person before committing in a relationship. If married, your domestic life looks comfortable and happy.

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Peaceful marriage life would keep you energized. As per the horoscope, this year would bring you closer to your partner emotionally and mentally. Solve any arguments peacefully after listening to your partner patiently. Children related tensions might cause difficulties. Health wise, horoscope brings mixed results for you, Libra. As the year begins, you might face minor infections. Consuming healthy food would help you stay in shape. Stomach related ailments are possible and might further trouble you. Remain patient and calm while driving. Avoid laziness and if needed, consult a doctor immediately.

Libra, seems to bring out the traveler in you. Libra, your horoscope shows possibilities of foreign travels this year.

LIBRA Horoscope 12222 – Planetary Transit:

Your dream to travel to your dream destinations seem to fulfill now. Traveling for work might stress you, since desired results are not likely. Try not to take frequent short trips with friends. Libra, atmosphere on your domestic front seems stressful in Your horoscope speaks of arguments with your spouse as begins.

Avoid throwing a party or planning celebrations at home, as misunderstandings are likely. You may take your family on a pilgrimage or a trip abroad for finding peace. Your children seem lazy in Make sure they follow a strict timetable and spend their time wisely. Lower concentration levels might affect their results.

times of india libra horoscope Times of india libra horoscope
times of india libra horoscope Times of india libra horoscope
times of india libra horoscope Times of india libra horoscope
times of india libra horoscope Times of india libra horoscope
times of india libra horoscope Times of india libra horoscope

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